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Metabolism and Energy Metabolism Core:

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Metabolism and Energy Metabolism Core: The Core is staffed by a Masters level Biomedical engineer and a Masters  level Exercise Physiologist/Research Associate and the 4 room calorimeters are supported by a technical/engineering service contract with MEI, Inc., who designed and built the calorimeters. The Core performs the following measures:


•           24 hour energy expenditure by Indirect Room Calorimetry is enabled by a total of four chambers, two full sized (30,000 liters) room calorimeters and two smaller (3,000-5,000 liters) flexible calorimeters. The two larger chambers will allow free living conditions while controlling environmental factors and keeping record of participant activity. They have an intercom, blood ports and pass-throughs for sample collection and meal delivery, respectively and a treadmill (Full Vision; Newton, KS) for controlled exercise, video cameras and activity monitors (Equivital; Cambridge United Kingdom) for participant activity and core temperature data and a , computer, television, bed, curtained restroom and wash station for participant comfort. The two Flexible Calorimeters allow for Resting Metabolic Rates and Pharmacodynamic testing at the lower (3000 L) volume and exercise testing at the higher (5000 L) volume to be performed with increased data integrity and repeatability through greater environmental control, participant comfort and stable high-level gas analyzers. They have a removable platform that allows for conversion from a resting configuration to an exercise testing configuration, a television for participant comfort and motivation during exercise testing, an intercom and blood ports for sample collection and interventions (glucose/drugs) during pharmacodynamic studies.

•           Free-living Energy Expenditure by Doubly-Labeled Water is enabled via a subcontract with Dr. Jennifer Rood at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

•           Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) / Respiratory Quotient (RQ) with two MAX-II Metabolic Carts (AEI Technologies; Pittsburgh, PA).

•           Exercise testing with a TrueOne® 2400 calorimeter (Parvo Medics Sandy, UT) , a Trackmaster treadmill (Full Vision; Newton, KS) and electronic cycle ergometer (Lode; Groningen, the Netherlands). Full 12-lead ECG monitoring is enabled with a CardioCard Stress ECG unit (Nasiff Associates; Central Square, NY).

•           Activity monitoring is performed via tri-axial accelerometry using the BodyMedia SenseWear armband unit (BodyMedia; Pittsburgh, PA); these units have been validated against DLW.